TS-SCI: Top Secret – Sensitive Compartmented Information

I received the following message from a Retired Army Sergeant Major friend I served with in Europe. My comment back to him was “Thanks for the update Gary! I too had a TS-SCI and find this account to be edifying for non- Government, non-cleared individuals who pontificate on stuff they have no idea about. Must be wonderful to be a liberal Democrat, as they live in their own little sell-licking ice-cream world.”

“I just was thrilled by a group that get their news from the New York Times and had to respond ….. listed below

Maybe I am the only addressee that had a top secret clearance with all the special access levels but the media people and law professors discussing this raid are either clueless or ignoring facts. Let me list some of the facts concerning this bogus raid.

• Two individuals are above the regulations and directives dealing with classified material. Those two are the President and the Vice President

o Both of them can classify or declassify any item or material they choose and there is no required formal process to do that or a requirement to “relabel” the document’s classification

o In the case of Trump even more than the blanket presidential exception Trump did an executive order stating that when he took material to the residence to work on it was immediately declassified. He did this as he slept 3 hours a day and that allowed the White house staff to have a life while he worked in the residence. That executive order is in writing.

• In the same regard, no member of Congress goes through a background check or maintains a clearance like normal federal employees both civilian and military. I won’t comment on their staff.

 To obtain a top secret clearance the FBI does a thorough back ground investigation including interviewing people from your places of residence over the prior 10 years

 Every 5 years you are required to do an update to validate your TS clearance

 I think once you have a top secret clearance it stays on the books and you simply lose access. I know for the 20 years after my retirement from the military I was contacted every 5 years and provided an update. Easy to do as I built a house in Germany for the first 20 years and now over 7 years at the current location

• Much of the highly classified documents are “perishable” meaning after the date has past they are no longer classified……….. like the president or vice president’s schedule.

• President writings and discussion are classified initially

When a president leaves office the GSA pack out their personal items and deliver them to their “post” serving address. That means that the GSA boxed up all of those materials and delivered them to Mara Lago. The media is making a big deal of two delivery trucks delivering boxes on 18 Jan. 2021. Trump did not box up his personal effects or documents. I am pretty sure that he has not personally looked in any of the boxes.

It is amazing that the NRA (in writing) sent a letter in Feb 2022 saying how pleased they were with the cooperation from the Trump administration. As part of that process they picked up 15 boxes of material in January. In June the FBI and the NRI was at Mara Lago and looked at the remaining material in the store room and requested a second lock on the door which was done. President Trump personally told them they can come back any time and can take items they required. Also in June the Trump lawyers did a certification that the remaining material was not classified as the president had declassified it before leaving office or as part of his daily process taking documents to the WH residence. In June president Trump designated Kash Petal as his representative to work remaining issues with the NRA.

Then nothing until the 8th of August and a search warrant that totally violates Trump’s 4th amendment using a “general” search warrant. The FBI did not allow observation as they searched most of the facilities including Melania’s closets and underwear drawer (maybe that was based on Bill Clinton hiding 26 tapes in his sock drawer that the court later said he could keep). In addition to the warrant not being specific in what is to be searched and what they were looking for they broke into Trump’s safe…………… check the law and you will find it requires a specific search warrant to break into a person’s safe and it has to declare what the FBI is looking for.

I am just a slow country boy from Iowa so let me tell you what I think the raid was for……………. In October Trump declassified everything concerning the bogus Russian conspiracy and later a bunch of other information dealing with the never ending attacks against his presidency. Trump recently initiated a civil Rico law suit against a number of people in the FBI, DOJ and Clinton and her lawyers. Garland’s DOJ requested that the defense of that RICO suit be handled at the DOJ level versus individuals. That request was approved on the 4th of August and magically a search warrant was granted on the 5th. All those binders and leather bound folders that Trump had accumulated to support his suit were taken by the FBI. Do you think???????

Compare this to Clinton losing the nuclear football for a couple months, Hillary running all of her classified communications through a server in their home and non-secure blackberries with all the email traffic going to her executive assistants computer and surprise surprise showed up on her ex Weiner’s computer. Then the FBI gives everyone involved immunity and sugar coat a discussion with Hillary not under oath. Hillary was not a president so had no authority. I have not read the 2018 update to the NRA regulation but have listened to experts that have say that it gives the ex-president up to 12 years to work with the NRA and resolve issues but bottom line the ex-president determines what and when will be provided. Clinton got to keep his tapes but had to return the White House furniture they took, I don’t know the numbers on G.W. Bush but they keep talking about 33 million documents in Chicago belonging to Obama and has anyone looked at all the documents Biden has at the University of Pennsylvania.

You really need to get your news from some place other than MSNBC or CNN or the New York Times. For those addressees that enjoy intellectual “masturbation” you can keep me on your address list for the other that do not want to be confused by the facts please delete me from your address book. You want to protect the democracy…………. Break up the Washington swamp as elected officials are supposed to run the government and one thing for sure the swamp does not serve the people. Some of those agencies need to be closed down and many others need to be made into regional offices working in the region they oversee. One thing for sure a lot of the swamp creatures won’t want to move and part of the problem will be solved.”

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