Student Debt

Zach Williams

I graduated high school with a 4.0 . My SAT scores were higher in my sophomore year than 90 % of the nations seniors that year. During that period , I simultaneously ran my own small business starting at age 16. I cleared over $50k my senior year.

The only reason I mention these things is to make the point that I didn’t skip university because I wasn’t smart enough or because I lacked work ethic.

I simply did a cost benefit analysis and decided that , for me , the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

I’ve now been self employed for over 26 years and I’ve learned a few things in that time. One of which is , choices have consequences.

If you went to college ,it’s because You CHOSE to go . I admire that choice. Most people that I know who went , did so with good intent and most chose a degree that had a good ROI . And they paid their debts or are paying them off . We need good teachers , drs. , lawyers etc. I get it.

But even more than that , we need integrity , honesty , fairness in how we’re treated by those in power.

Tell me how it is honest or fair to pay your college debt with my taxes , while I worked 100 hr weeks for years to pay off my business debt while building my second successful small business ? My back screaming at me to stop. My hands bleeding . My family having to do without me there many times. How does this show integrity on the part of those taking this Govt cheese ?

I understand the weight of debt . It’s why I got out. It’s why I’ve led a couple classes showing others how to get out . So believe me when I say I understand the temptation to take this Govt payout for your college debt. But it’s not your money to take . It’s not Joe Biden’s money to give . And the stress of the debt that you CHOSE ,does not relieve you of the fact that taking this money means you are stealing from your neighbors to lessen the consequences of YOUR choices.

And yes , I’m aware of the predatory reality of some of these loans and interest rates . But that doesn’t move the needle at all. People fall victim to predatory lending every day through credit cards , auto loans , mortgage loans they can’t afford etc. No one is paying those off with tax money . You’re an adult , you made a choice , learn to deal like the rest of us.

There is nothing that I can do about any of this other than speak my opinion and kick rocks. But like I said, choices have consequences. This choice is no different, it will cause tuition to go up, it will cause more inflation, and the loans that got us here will continue to be made to the next generation of suckers. 

But know this, there’s a whole bunch of hard working people who will forever view you as a thief , look at you with less respect , and care less for any of your opinions because you’ve shown that you’re too childish to accept your chosen responsibilities . And that includes many college graduates who paid off their debts , who resent you getting a handout at our expense.

Take the cheese if you must , it’s what rats do.🤷‍♂️

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